Izmir, which is the third largest city of Turkey and houses the second largest port in the country, is an attractive option of investment for foreign investors and for people who desire to settle down in a coastal city.

Izmir offers you different kinds of property, changing from apartments to villas. We are available to make you suggestions according to your needs, and will help you through the purchase.

What requirements should you fulfill to purchase a property for sale in Izmir?

The main reason why foreign investors prefer to invest in Turkey in general is the convenience of requirements for purchasing property for foreigners. Basically once you have got a passport and a visa, if required to your country, you can venture for a property ownership in Turkey.

The rest of the process is even more convenient in Izmir in two aspects. One of the aspects is that: You will need a military approval, before you actually become the owner of your purchase. Your documents will be transferred from the Land Registry Office to Izmir Aegean Army, which is already located in your future city, and they may check more easily, whether the property is in the restricted zone or not.

The other convenience is that Izmir is very close to some of the Greek Islands. This will come handy, when you will need to go out of the country, after three months, and then to enter again, which is a future requirement for people who want to live in any part of Turkey.

Why should you seek for property for sale in Izmir?


There are many reasons why you should seek property for sale in Izmir, among which are:

– It is a developing city, in terms of tourism and trade. This makes it attractive for foreign investors, along with people who want to live in Turkey.

– It offers its dwellers a prosperous life style, with potentials of a big city and natural opportunities of a small town.

– It is close to some Greek islands, Chios Island and Lesvos Island, to begin with. For Chios Island, you can take the ferry from Cesme.

– It appeals to different needs. Apartments are higher in number in the city center, whereas villas almost outnumber apartments in districts like Urla and Karaburun.

Look into our website for property for sale in Izmir, including apartments and villas. If you are particularly interested in Cesme district, you can also look into Cesme property, separately from Izmir property.

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